Russian Cakes

Russian Cakes is a thirty-minute motion picture whose goal is to raise public awareness on drug addiction.

The main character is a so called boy next door, who would never hurt anyone on purpose; however, upon hitting the inevitable bottom of each addict, he recognizes the fact that his disease doesn’t only destroy him, but also all that surrounds him. This film presents addiction for what it really is, without beautifying or exaggerating, with all of its side-effects: the isolation and stigmatization by society, the physical and spiritual decadence, the suffering and the lifelong battle that awaits whoever decides to seek a cure.

In collaboration with the Institute for Education and the Institute for Schoolbooks and Teaching Tools, the film Russian Cakes will be included in the school curriculum, as part of the subject Healthy Lifestyles.


Director: Kosta Đorđević

Screenwriter: Ksenija Popović

Cast: Momčilo Otašević, Mišo Obradović, Julija Milačić, Čarna Marković, Slaviša Čurović, Andrea Mugoša, Vanja Milačić, Branka Femić, Zoran Vujović, Marko Đurišić

Production: Filip Đurišić and Ksenija Popović

Manager: Stefan Rakočević

Director of Photography: Bojana Andrić

Sound: Saša Brajović

Editing: Gojko Berkuljan