A Lullaby for No One’s Vuk

Uspavanka-za-Vuka-nicijeg-v   Uspavanka za Vuka Nicijeg - korica   uspavanka-za-vuka-nicijeg

A Lullaby for No One’s Vuk (Uspavanka za Vuka Ničijeg) is the second novel by Ksenija Popović.

Set in an unnamed city of an unnamed country during the early 1990’s, the story begins in a Home for Children without Parental Care, whose inhabitants are struggling to defy the indifference of the institutions and to make their own life better and their future brighter – or at least dignified.

The greatest fight awaits Vuk, who will dare to strike back and survive when those same institutions turn him into a victim, and then wash their hands of him.

Published in Montenegro in March 2012, the novel has seen four editions in a year and a half.

In 2013 it was adapted into a play as a co-production of Budva Theatre City and the National Theatre in Belgrade. The premiere of the play was performed in Budva in July, and in Belgrade in November 2013. It is currently on the regular repertoire in the National Theatre.

The novel has been translated into English by the author and self-published on Amazon.