A Boy From the Water

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With the publication of A Boy from the Water in 2004, Ksenija Popović became the first female novelist in her country.

This book was number one on the best-sellers lists for ten months and the overall number one for the year 2004. It won Isidorinim stazama, a literary prize in Serbia, which acknowledges the best work of fiction written by a woman in Serbia and Montenegro each year.

In 2008, A Boy from the Water was turned into a motion picture with the title Look at Me (Gledaj me).

The novel mixes the genres of drama and psychological thriller. It is a story of revenge and redemption, of private investigations and rescue missions, of troubled love, and of a town where those with the highest standing in the community turn out to be cruel parents and violent bullies.

First Edition: Narodna Knjiga, Belgrade, 2004
Second Edition: Nova Knjiga, Podgorica, 2004
Third Edition: Nova Knjiga, Podgorica and Bosanska Riječ, Sarajevo, 2005
Fourth Edition: Nova Knjiga, Podgorica and Laguna, Belgrade, 2007